Thanks friends for all of your good wishes for my speedy recovery from the evil foxtail.  Those little suckers are EVIL!


My new snazzy purple paw and I had some exploring to do today.  There is an area here in the Pearl District that is almost a street, except that it does not have cars.  It has sidewalks.  And until recently it also had a lot of grass.  Grass that my fellow canines and I would use as a public lavatory.  And when a large area is just grass, well, sometimes our mighty pee can make things look a little ugly.


So they’ve dug out all of the brown grass and put in plants.  I have to say that I heartily approve.  These are MUCH more fun to pee on.


And of course all of the new smells.  The leaves of these plants hold in the scent of canine much better than that grass ever could.


I shall give Kearney Street my Seal of Approval:





7 thoughts on “Purple Puppy in the Pearl”

  1. You know what is even better than plants to hold that tantalizing canine smell? Downed palm fronds. They are receptacles that keep track of every visitor for eons — until some over-zealous landskeeper decides to remove them.

    I have one I’ve been “cultivating” for days, now, next to the golf course. I water it every day and inspect it for new information. Fabulous!!!

    Jake of Florida (and me too: Just Harry)

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