Poor Bogie.  He really has the worst luck when it comes to foxtails.

From Wikipedia:  A foxtail is a spikelet or spikelet cluster of a grass, that serves to disperse its seeds as a unit. Thus, the foxtail is a type of diaspore. Some grasses that produce a foxtail are themselves called “foxtail”, also “spear grass“. They can become a health hazard for long-haired dogs and other domestic animals, and a nuisance for people.

This is Bogart’s third go-around with a foxtail in the paw.  It had been tender for a few days, and while I was hoping that it was just an irritation today I decided to take Bogart to the vet because I just knew it was one of those pesky foxtails.  Yes indeed was the diagnosis, so Bogart had surgery this morning.

When I picked him up this afternoon he looked like this:


He fell completely asleep in the car.  Zonked.  His new purple bandage pristine.


And as soon as we arrived home, he woke up completely.  And decided that he wanted to go for a walk.  I was a bit hesitant – he had just had surgery – but since he wanted to go so badly, I thought why not.


He was walking just fine (thank you doggie painkillers!) and rather than just a short walk he wanted to do a whole tour.  Who am I to say no?


Surgery and a bandage are NOT going to stop Bogart from playing with his favorite thing in the entire world – pine cones.  He cleverly maneuvered us toward Couch Park, the site of a dependable vein of cones.


This is a face that cannot be denied – resistance is futile!


We spent a little time enjoying nature – ok, just the pine cones – before Bogart started to get a little sleepy.


But devoted, as always, to his cones.


And then of course Bogart came home and crashed.  It was funny to watch him – sitting straight up, looking right at me, swaying back and forth, and finally just laying down and sleeping with his eyes open.  He’s still a little out of it, but he is going to be fine.


Lulu & Bogart


14 thoughts on “F#*%ing Foxtails”

  1. w00fs Bogie, me sorry u hurted ur footie…least one thing u will get a good sleep today…

    b safe,

  2. Bogart, we are very glad that you are well and can’t believe that you wanted to walk after surgery – you are one tough hombre!! Good looking bandage, btw – you are so stylish.

    – Charlie & Anne

    p.s. Glad the (new?) memory card’s working!

  3. Poor Bogie! You gotta be careful with those nasty foxtails, buddy. I am glad to know that you are feeling ok. We, Airedales, are famous chicks, ticks and foxtails magnets … Bet your mama was all worried about you. Me, too, got a few nasties in my paw right now. My mams doesn’t want me to go into a surgery, so she is trying all kinds of folk and homeopathy remedies, hoping to get lucky and get rid of them. Anyway, sleep it off, buddy and wake up full of health, humor and your special zest for life.

    Big hugs, wags and luv,
    Bel and his ma and pa

  4. Poor Baby, and such a trooper, he looked so pitiful when he first woke up.
    Here is hoping his recovery is speedy. Our thoughts are with you Mom,
    Gia Taz, Kitty & Cat

  5. I know I am a cat, but I do read your blog every day. It is on my favorites list. So I am sorry you have the bandage on your paw, and I am hoping for a swift recovery period. One of my best friends is a schnauser, and I made mama give a link to your blog to Maggie so she could check you out. She doesn’t have a blog, but she helps her mama with rescued dogs and does dog trials. She also loves my toys, and I share.
    Get better soon.

  6. You are so right — who can resist a face like that!!!

    Being fox terriers, we usually look for foxie things, but we’ve been warned about foxtails. Here we just get burrs, which can easily be removed.

    Wirey woofs!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  7. We are so glad that you got some of those drugs to make you feel good enough to take a nice walk.. Sounds like a nice nap is just what the doctor ordered..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  8. Hi Bogart –

    Kaci has been visiting Mama, Papa and I for the past two weeks and we are falling behind on blogging. We are sorry that you hurt your paw but your pictures are pawtastic. We hope you have a good weekend and speedy recovery!

    Love –

    Hershey and Kaci 😉 😀

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