We simply do not have the best luck with memory cards.  First we watched one self-destruct in slow motion at Gay Pride.  Then we waited for what seemed like a verrrry long time for a new one to arrive.

Well today that new card simply did not work.

Mama and I went to the top of Mt. Tabor with a sandwich and a big jug of water (yes she was thrilled to drag that along for my benefit, but the last time we were here the water fountain wasn’t working so she wasn’t taking any chances on a 90+ day), ready to have our own picnic.  Yes there were festivities planned – cheese stealing, cone chasing, and butt sniffing were all on my list – and we took lots of photos.  It was really fun despite the oppressive weather.  Not many other people around, it looked like everyone else in Portland was, well, somewhere else.  I was – as always – cute and adorable, and the sun made my fuzz shine.  Everything seemed ok…

Until we got home.  Putting the memory card into the computer quickly showed a big, fat, nothing.  Broken images, nothing to open, damn it, corrupted.  And we had no idea as the camera did not give away this secret during our photoshoot.  We will be going to the camera shop to replace it, rather than trying to save a few bucks and buy another one online.  Pronto!




7 thoughts on “Night of the Living Dead Memory Card”

  1. Bogie…that is a bad thing about the memory card. Do you think your Mama can get the person who sold it to give her back her money. We will help you put the muscle on that person if needed.


  2. Bogie

    How awful fow you. I’ve had tewwible issoos wif my pootew. I lost all the pics fwom my 700+posts . Mommi had total meltdown. but as many fwiends have told me, the adventoores and pictoowes awe in my heawt. We wewe weady to give up, but would miss all ouw fwiends tooo much, so we’we going on.
    love and smoochie kisses

  3. Hi,
    What does your memory card look like? I bought 2 for my camera online and they are too small. If they are what you need I’ll send them to you. mar123 at gmail dot com

  4. No fun, Bogie, no fun. Keep eating your green tripe in lieu of food therapy, while mama figures out how to fix it in the meantime ………….. mean, mean time …….


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