It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for another First Thursday – the art walk day here in Portland.  The weather is still quite hot, so some rolling in dirt was going to be my first stop (and mama thought that by walking for awhile before we started our art walk would tire me out – ha!).


Look at all of these people.  All out and about and looking at art.  How cool is that?


I too wish to look at art.  Primarily outside.


This outdoor section is relatively new – just outside of PNCA – and when the weather is this lovely, it is quite nice indeed.  There were musicians too, and most of the art (and jewelry, and clothing, and oh all kinds of stuff) was for sale.


Mama looks at the art, I sniff butts as we walk by.  We’re both happy.


Check out this little guy I ran into on my way home…


Such energy you have, fellow terrier!  I am amused by your jaunty demeanor, and your little legs that are like springs.  We must play again soon!





4 thoughts on “Time for Art”

  1. Bogie, you do have quite artsy facial expressions, so adorable! Keep enjoying and being creative. 😀 I love your new friend, small and precious.


  2. I love that 2nd picture of you, Bogie! Have a great holiday weekend. I, myself, will be in the bathroom-without-windows on Saturday night – hopefully with the fan going so I can’t hear what the stupid humans are doing. If you want to come join me, give a call… it’s a big bathroom.
    – Charlie

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