Humans can be so strange.


Mama and I had to be over in the SE today, so we stopped at our usual haunt, Panera, for a quick bite.  We were sitting outside, and after I jumped into mama’s lap (as is my habit) she rewarded me with a piece of yummo mozzarella from her sandwich.  Just as that cheese made it past my molars, a man who was walking by stopped and loudly said to us, “That’s Disgusting”.


Mama first just glared and him and as I stood on her lap I also gave him stink eye.  He just stood there.  So mama said to him, “Oh, so you like to watch?”.  He looked flustered, and repeated “that’s disgusting”, so mama took the remainder of the sandwich (almost a full half) and gave it to me.  He made a face, a noise, and walked off.

So to that obnoxious, obviously intellectually-challenged, and did-I-mention-ugly loser I say, Thanks Pal!  I would never have gotten so much yummy sandwich without you!


Time to get that bad taste out of mama’s mouth.  I’m going to find her something pretty.


I’m always up for picking the flowers (well, does plundering count?) but she never lets me.  Another time perhaps.


Bastille Day celebration in the Pearl… again, these festivals are so bittersweet for us.  Dad was here with us last year, and we also saw a cool car like this… hey, you can see me in the reflection on the door!


Lots of people including this fine specimen, who tried to pet me and then tried to talk to mama.  He doesn’t look like a quick learner, but HE WAS.


And lots of doggies… they were ALL smart.


I didn’t snag any swag, but we did walk by and sniff a lot of yummy things.  I was interested in the French food, mama more so in the French pastries.  Either way = YUM!


Vive la France!




5 thoughts on “That’s Disgusting”

  1. Bogie, can you hear our whole family shouting to that stupid man: “LOOOOSER!!!! YOU are the one disgusting!!!! You are just not a good human being!!!!” We are so happy to know that you stood up for your mama and devoured that sandwich for the sake of her honor.

    Your reflection in the car looks whimsy. Me likey.

    Lotsa Luv,
    Bel and his ma and pa

  2. Good for you and your mama! What a great way to show the loser what life’s all about! I’m afraid our mom would have had to tell him to kiss her a**! She does stuff like that sometimes when peoples act like idiots! (or a**h**es!). Well, Bogie, at least you got more sandwich out of it!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. Good One Lulu, he was a “watcher” and apparently a little jealous of Bogie! Me thinks he doth protest a bit too loudly!!!! XXOO Gia, Taz, Kitty & Cat

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