Apparently today is Squirrel Appreciation Day.  I also appreciate squirrels.  Not perhaps in the way that the appreciation people would like, but in my own way.


I am happy to wait for squirrels, in anticipation of appreciating them.


Here I am leaving the squirrels a little appreciative note, to let them know I’ve been here, and that I’LL BE BACK


See?  APPRECIATION.  And of course ANTICIPATION – which if there were any squirrels about would be absolutely directed toward them, but since there are none to be found (they must all be out celebrating and getting drunk, dancing in trees, etc.)…


Yes, I will take that lovely stick please.


Not going to give it to me?  No worries – I shall find my own.  And not just one measly stick, mind you…


Oh wait… you’re gonna throw that one that I previously disparaged?  BRING IT ON!!!





So squirrels, take today and know that us dogs everywhere APPRECIATE YOU.  Of course if we catch you we might eat you, but know that we would APPRECIATE that.





4 thoughts on “Squirrel Appreciation Day”

  1. LOOOOOOOVE your squirrel appreciation grin on that first picture, Bogie! And you are faster than the wind and meaner than the thunderbolt on those stick’n’squirrel action pictures. WOW!

    And even though I am pretty sure there is NO more objects left to appreciate on this very special day, I’ll still head out to try my luck, just in case … you know … :mrgreen:

    Bel The Squirrel Appreciator

  2. We also really appreciate squirrels! They do NOT, however, appreciate US hanging around under their squirrel feeder! They used to be kind of complacent when just Penny and Poppy were here. They would just stay in their feeder and eat while the girls ran around the yard. Once I, Patches, came to live here, the scenario changed! When Mom opens the back door, they scramble up into the trees. Yes, I do appreciate squirrels, but I would appreciate them MORE if they would fall out of their feeder into say…my mouth!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. I can’t appreciate Squirrels until after I have all my puppy shots finished. So far I can only appreciate Rufus and Ruby my kat sibs, and the birds at the bird feeder. I know “boooooring”. Oh well.

  4. Bogie, hehehehehe
    you have cewtainly allewted the squiiwels .
    to how much you appweciate them.
    I have a feeling they might move theiw celebwation to a neighbowhood a little distance fwom you, heheh
    good to know that a stickie can always cheew you up , even when the squiwwels awe no whewe to be seen
    smoochie kisses,ASTA

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