Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody…

I just got mama and she didn’t get paid…

Oh how I wish I had someone to talk to…

I’m in an awful LAUNDRY ROOM


Those fluorescent lights are pretty darned harsh, even on my handsome Dale-ness.


So mama, this is where you disappear to with that big bag and that roll of quarters every weekend, huh?


I am not a  huge fan of the clanking sounds, nor the movement of the machines.  I realize that they are just doing their job, but really… you guys could do better.


I really just don’t trust that dryer.


You know what mama?  I don’t think I will beg you to come downstairs again to do laundry.  I love to go with you EVERYWHERE, but I think this is one place where you just don’t need my help.  But every other place in the world is still ok… ok?


We REALLY know how to party, eh?





4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fever”

  1. Hi Bogart,

    You may not have enjoyed your visit to the laundry room, but I enjoyed the many lovely pics of your manly derriere!


    Miss Kitty

  2. Hey Bogie: The laundry room is OK if you can search for abandoned socks and stuff. Try it next time. Then you can post pictures and see if there are rewards!


  3. I’d say, Bogie, if you don’t trust that dryer, BITE it, man!!! 😆

    And me hopes that your mama will get paid soon, eh?


  4. Great song! That’s pretty cool that you got to help your mom with laundry. I tried to sort ours once, but Old Girl said I didn’t do the colors right.

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