Well for once mama wasn’t the only one surprised at a snowstorm here in Portland…


It seems like a lot of the other humans had no idea it was going to snow, and were similarly unprepared for the weather.  Lots of slipping and sliding around, and don’t get me started on the drivers…

I kept on my sweatshirt all day because it was cold!


I do like the snow – it’s tasty, and it’s fun to walk in.  Until it gets icy and slippery, that is.


In Jameson Park there is a big Christmas tree, and it was a magnet for people and their pups tonight.


For me – eh, I’ve seen it and I’ve peed on it, so it’s been there, done that.


This snowman, was another story.  I really do not like snowmen.  They taunt me with their beady little eyes, that crooked smile, the funny hat, and of course STICKS for arms.  How could I not be confused?  I barked and barked but it would not back down, and annoyed me to the point that I felt it was better to just walk away – slowly – rather than to engage.

You may have won this battle Snowman, but I’LL BE BACK once the temperature rises, and THEN we’ll see who’s boss…





7 thoughts on “Surprise Snowfall”

  1. AHAHAHA ha ha ha, Bogie!!! The battle of Evil Snowman almost did my ma in, she was giggling and giggling and giggling. She says she can picture you doing your Airedale stuff at it, you big fluff ball. Remember, when everything else fails, pull out your heavy guns: just walk over and pee on the thing. Dat’s who’z Da King! :mrgreen:

    Bel (who likes to watch the snow through your pictures: they have this eerie fairy-tale feel to them tonight, isn’t it cool???). And if you need help peeing, give me a howler, always happy to lend a paw to a friend in need …

  2. 😛 Great big grin at the photo with the snowman. Take care of your Mama and give her a kissie for me on New Years Eve, OK


  3. Oh, Bogie. You gotted snow! I’m so glad! Woofies seem to like the snow. We cats, we like snuggling inside. But you almost make the outside seem worth checking out. Almost. I AM a cat.
    I love your snowman. You’ll get the best of him yet!

  4. I’m pretty sure you could “whoop” up on that snowman, Bogie! Besides, you are waaaaaay cuter than he is!

    Happy New Year to you and your mama! We know that 2010 will be a better year, for you, than 2009. “They” say the pain eases with the passage of time, but we aren’t so sure that’s true. We HOPE it IS true!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  5. Bogie, my dear pal! Wishing you and your sweet mama a Happy New Aire. A better year. I know, you probably can’t wait to say goodbye to 2009, and that’s true: may it go away, AWAY, in peace, and may it take all it’s “gifts” with it, to may it NEVER return back into your life. Open all the doors and windows to a New Start, to a Fresh Aire, and all the Goodness that it has prepared for you two. We hope you’ll celebrate your new beginnings with a big joyful PEE and a plate of delicious goodies your mama (definitely) has for you, and may you both feel the LOVE of all those who’s lives you ever touched with your presence, from around you and from ABOVE.

    With Luv, always,
    Bel, ma Nata, pa Greg and Andy’s Loving Spirit

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