Portland isn’t that big – yet there is an area of town that we never seem to find ourselves in.  That’s SW. So today we sought to rectify that situation and explore the South Park Blocks.


I’m ready for anything – since we’re never here everything smells new and exciting.


Ah, the Portland Art Museum.  I’ll just check out the sign to see what exhibits are going on.


Even just by hanging around outside of the museum I’m getting inspired.  Look – I’m a work of art!


I’ll just check to see if I can go inside… you know, to soak up some real culture.


Bah.  No dice.  Back to the muddy park for me!





3 thoughts on “The Portland Art No-See-Um”

  1. Come to think of it, Bogie, the muddy park is rather more culturally satisfying … eh? :mrgreen:


  2. Hi Bogie,

    We’ve popped over to wish yoo and your mamma a really Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2010.

    We know you will both be missing your daddy, but we also know he will be smiling down on you from Heaven ~ and hoping you are enjoying yourselves.

    Blessings from our home to your home.

  3. Dear Bogie, MAirey Pawsmas! May Santa bring you many-many yummies and other goodies, and may the Joy and Kindness you and your sweet mama share with this world so generously, multiply and return back to you zillionfold!

    Bel, and his ma and pa

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