This raincoat is really growing on me.  I think I look quite dashing in it.  And it does keep the fuzz dry.


Except for the butt area.  Can we talk about this for a minute?  These two little elastic straps that go under my feet, around my haunches, and that accentuate my butt-age.  They are a little too thong-like for my taste.  And yes, I was a bit worried that they might somehow inhibit my ability to make those perfect poops that I’ve been so good at lately.  But basically they just annoy me.  Yes, yes, I know that they keep my rain slicker from thrashing around and ultimately keep my butt dry.  But really – should an Airedale be wearing a thong?


At least everyone can see me now.  The bright red slicker and that fine reflective stripe.


I bring that up because last night mama and I were almost hit by a car here in the Pearl District.  It seems that during the Christmas season, and especially when it’s raining, humans forget how to drive.  They forget a lot of things – civility, kindness, general humanity – but I’ve really noticed that the driving goes right down the tube.  We were walking across the street and a man in a big car was making a right turn straight into us.  Usually once humans realize that they’re about to hit us, they slam on the brakes but this human just kept going.  He stopped literally inches away from mama which really got me angry.  I was barking at him like crazy, and mama was yelling some of those naughty words that she uses on such occasions.  We were really shaken up, that car was too close for comfort.  Note to all humans, especially during all of the holiday hub-bub and weather, be really careful out there!


I mean, I can take care of my mama but I’m not there to be able to provide the same Dale Security Services to all of you.  I can only save the world one stick at a time.


One.  Stick.  At.  A.  Time.





3 thoughts on “Looking Slick-er”

  1. Bogie, you are such a SUPERDALE!!! We are soo relieved to hear that you and your mama are safe, and are hoping that that bad guy in a big nasty car will get a special Christmas gift from Santa this year – back to traffic school! Yeah!

    As for the thong … Hell, Yes! Such gorgeous butts do deserve to be accentuated for the sake of their beauty and the artistic joy they provide for the eyes of the rest of the humanity.

    Luv, as always,

  2. Bogie..we have taken a poll, and here is the vote

    Muzzer and Teka think the Thong thing is kinda cute
    Dad and I understand why it might be a bit uncomfortable or disconcerting.

    No clear consensus, except the driver is a jerk.


  3. Well we think the thong is reely cute! Ho ho ho! 😉

    We are glad that yoo and your moma are safe from that norty CRAZY driver! Wot was he thinking of, driving like that! 👿

    It’s a good job your momma had yo to look owt for her. 😀

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