Mama’s morning didn’t start out that well.  Morning walkie?  Fine.  Weather?  Slightly raining, but only on her head so that wasn’t so bad.  We arrived back at our apartment.  Mama got ready to go to the work place that I just cannot understand, handed me a treat and walked out.

Then she put her key into the lock to turn it to lock me and the kitties safely inside.  And that’s when her hand should have stopped turning – except that it didn’t.  What she described to me later as a “sick pit of the stomach kind of feeling”.  Since mama hasn’t stepped up her upper-body workout routine, it was simply the crunch of her key breaking off in the lock.

This my friends, is what a key looks like without it’s business end:


And for comparison, what the key looked like before it’s adventure…


Yes, she was able to get it fixed.  Luckily (luckily?!?) the locksmith was able to grab the remains of the key from deep inside the lock.  Much less fuss that way.  But not exactly a great way to start off a day.




6 thoughts on “In the Key of… Damnit!”

  1. Bogawt
    What a dweadful way to stawt the day..I hope you and the kitties stayed nice and safe and calm and then gave youw mama lots of cheew up licks and kisses when all was done.

    (youw Mama must be vewy stwong..btw..I see you have a gweat collection of sticies on hand fow those times when the weathew is wotten and you can’t get out)

    smoochie kisses,ASTA

  2. Maybe it’s not the best way to start a day, Bogie, but I sure hope that the rest of it will go smoothly and end up quite pleasantly for you, your kitties and your mama. I am holding my paws, and ya’ll in my big loving Dale’s heart. 🙄


  3. Are you wearing black eye-liner, Bogie??? I mean I know a bit of mascara won’t hurt us, handsome Dale boys, but your eyes are IMPRESSIVE (and EXPRESSIVE). Darn Handsome Devil!!! :mrgreen:


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