Mama has been sad.  I’ve been working overtime to do everything I can to make her smile, but some days she’s just too tough a customer.   Luckily it has been raining a lot lately, so if she cries out in public it could easily look like she’s just getting rained on rather than that her eyes are leaking.  I think this is an excellent strategy.


I too do my part to provide moisture for the fine plants of Portland.


But I must think of something funny to do to snap her out of this dark mood… follow me mama!


Spot the Dale!


Look at me mama!  Can you see me?  Can you?  Can you?


Ha – made you laugh (a little).  I’ll take that!





5 thoughts on “Tears in Rain”

  1. Dawling Bogawt

    Sometimes Wain is vewy welcome..I hope it helped along wif youw wondewful ness to wash away youw Mama’s teaws.
    I spotted youw cute bum bum wight away, hehe
    smoochie kisses to you and youw Mama too
    Asta and Mommi

  2. Oh Bogie, we are sad to hear your Mama has the sads. Our muzzer gets them sometimes too…but usually the two of us can cheer her up. I would be happy to send Teka to help you cheer up mama.


  3. Bogie, you are such a support to your sweet mama Lulu! I wish I could help you in cheering her up, maybe pat her gently on the shoulder with my furry claw-ey paw … Hei, want me to come over and hide in that gorgeous fern with you, so the two fluff red butts sticking out of it will make your mama smile a bit longer???????????


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