Falling on my fuzz like a memory

Falling on my head and my paws and my stump…




6 thoughts on “Here Comes the Rain Again”

  1. We have had much rain here, but I don’t think it has come down that hard yet. We are WAAAAY over the record for October, and the monthi isn’t over. You and your mama stay dry, and keep safe on your new flexi leash.


  2. Bogie
    That’s a day to stay home wif youw Mama and youw catses and eat and play wif stuffies and snooze ( I hope you have a staxh of pinecones fow such an occasion)
    smoochie kisses

  3. Rain you call it?? Bogie, it’s quite a torrential downpour!!! Save the Airedales of Portland!! Brave fuzzy trooper, I am with you … errr … from the comfort of my triple fluffy warm dry bed …

    Bel (hate rains!!! I am sugar! I can melt!!)

  4. it is raining here too Bogie, but I hope you get to run in it. Isn’t it great then to come in the house and run from room to room scattering the cats and then rub your furriness on all the furniture and carpets? I love it.

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