This morning, my Flexi leash broke.  For all of you humans out there, mama describes the breaking as such:

When your doggie pulls the Flexi to it’s maximum and you hear a sickening crack that is NOT coming from inside of your hand but from the large black plastic thing in your hand – that’s the Flexi going to that Flexi-place-in-the-sky.

So it was off to the store to get a new one.  Mama bought the special “comfort” version that she says isn’t THAT much more comfortable, even though it is slightly more expensive.  Ah well, she had a coupon.


Here I am modelling the new Flexi.  While it seems like I don’t care, honestly that’s not the truth.  I care DEEPLY about my Flexi leash, and my life changed the minute I got my first one.  Especially when we walk in the park or forest, no need to wait for the slow 2 leggers.


But of course it’s mama who loves the Flexi the most – she can keep track of me and keep me out of trouble while still keeping control.  Win-win.


You know, so I don’t run in front of the streetcar or anything.  Not that I have ever done anything like that or even ever think of doing anything like that.  But just in case.


Walking on the sidewalk suits me just fine.  WITH MY NEW FLEXI.





2 thoughts on “Flexi-bility”

  1. Lucky you, Bogie. 🙄 You are quite a poster child for Flexi. I, personally, am not reliable 😯 – my mams won’t let me out of her iron 6-foot-leather-leash grip … No freedom for poor ol’ Bel Dale 😕

    Not-to-be-trusted-with-too-much-freedom Bel

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