Lovely Laurelhurst park.  On a lovely – kind of hot but not as hot as it’s been – Sunday.  People out having picnics, baby showers, and throwing frisbees.  After a nice walkie around the perimeter, mama and I decided to eat our sandwich next to the algae pond.

Ruh-roh… here comes a mighty duck army in search of bread and bread-like pieces that will fall from the sky.


That sandwich is mine I say!!!


There will be NO SANDWICH FOR YOU.  I work HARD for my sandwich!


Hey wait… you look kind of tasty yourself.  Mama, aren’t there ducks in the can of food that I eat most nights?


And with that he swam away as fast as those little webbed feet would carry him.  That’ll show him.


More sandwich for me!


Love you mama, love the sandwich, don’t care so much for the potato chips.  You can have those.


Oh and the tomatoes.  I not super interested in those either.




This little guy first ran away – as he should – when I chased him up a nearby tree, but then he climbed up to about mama’s head height and just stared at us.  Twitching that nose and flicking that tail, he had decided that this was his Alamo and he was going to defend that tree against any and all dogs, people, oh pretty much anything that came close.  It was pretty hilarious actually, his dedication was intense.

For that Mr. Squirrel, I salute you.  But if I catch you, I shall eat you.





7 thoughts on “Laurelhurst Fauna”

  1. You have such good walks, Bogart! Love the last squirrel picture; I salute your putting him on warning before you eat him!!
    – Charlie

  2. That’s it, my boy! The sandwich IS rightfully yours. So are the ducks for appeteazer, and squirrels for dessert … rrrrrrrrrrr … The Mightly King of The Enchanted Forest, The Furrious Knight Of The Magic Stone Castle, Sir Bogart!!!!!


  3. Looks like you had another great day out with your mama, Bogie ❗ We just loooove your warning to the squirrel! Did he heed your warning or did he come closer? Glad you had a great day 😀

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. Those Duckies did look detewmined as they came in fowmation towawds youw sandwich. I’m so glad you didn’t have to shawe!

    What a bwave (ow stoopid )squiwwel..doesn’t he know you’we a mighty Dale???
    I had some tomatoes tooday ( Mommi was eating cold lentil salad and tomatoes)

    it wasn’t bad. Mommi was suwpwised that I liked it.she said it was weiwd
    so nice to see you and youw Mama
    smoochie kisses

  5. Hi Bogart – what a lucky pup you are. Thanks for sharing your journey and the awesome photos – my fave is of you sipping from the fountain! you’re right – it is just like the drinkwell that I have for my pets. Glad to see your momma is taking care of you 😀

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