8 years ago today I was standing in the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, surrounded by friends, surprising my husband-to-be with a full-on showgirl costume (including headpiece with 6 feet of feathers floating behind me) for our wedding.

When Klaus first proposed to me I thought he was kidding.  He had been drinking and was in a very happy mood, so I told him that he should ask me again in the morning – and that I would absolutely say yes if he did.  If he didn’t ask that would be ok, then I would know it was just the alcohol talking.

I woke up the next day and the first thing he did was ask me to marry him – again.  As promised, I said yes, and then he insisted on calling my parents to ask for my hand.  Funny but very sweet.  Every call was answered in the same way – Klaus would call, announce that he wanted to marry me, and then – laughter.  Everyone thought for sure that he was joking.  Once they realized that this was not a joke, that he was really asking sincerely, then the crying and happiness started.  My stepfather was critically ill at the time (he had lung cancer and passed away not long after) and was very, very touched that Klaus called.

As for a wedding, Klaus immediately thought Vegas.  Sounds good to me.  Then he added the words “drive through”.  I countered with “Elvis”.  And so we were married at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel in downtown Las Vegas – by Elvis – on July 21, 2001 at 3:30PM.  White-jumpsuited, singin’ and dancin’ Elvis.  And it was AWESOME.  I kept on my showgirl costume for the entire day – getting followed by casino security everywhere I went – and we emptied the bar at the top of the Stratosphere.


Today is the toughest day I have had in awhile – Klaus’ birthday was hard too – but lots of happiness when I think about that day.

Happy Anniversary Klaus




14 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Anniversary”

  1. For bitter and for sweet — those words should be part of the marriage vows. And those bittersweet memories stay with us forever. But thank doG we have them!

    Jake and Just Harry and Joan

  2. AWWWW, you are making us cry! Aren’t you blessed to have found such a love. Once in a lifetime, storybook love. I know you miss him terribly. We are blessed that you share your stories with the World. For that, much thanks.
    Give mama a kiss Bogie! With much love and affection
    Gia and Taz, Kitty and Cat.

  3. We know that there is a lot of happiness associated with this special day too, and hope your memories of that can carry you through what is surely a difficult day.

    gussie, muzzer and teka

  4. Dear Lulu,
    Peace and Blessings to your beautiful heart, on this special Day, and Everyday! And just how special was the fact that the Eclipse, the longest one in the whole 21 Century, the one that had such a significant spiritual meaning to so many around the Globe, has happened TODAY, on YOUR day. A gift in celebration of your and Klaus’ love that lives.
    Sending you our love and a huge heartfelt hug, from all 3 of us:
    Bel-Bel, and his ma and pa

  5. As always, thanks for sharing your stories. I remember the wedding pictures you posted – what a great event!
    – Anne

  6. Sometimes we don’t just have the right words to say. We’ll continue thinking of you, and we hope today’s memories are more sweet than bitter. And I’ll bet that dress was fantastic!

  7. Oh Lulu, I feel for you. When you are missing someone you love the anniversaries are so hard. But love is a two sided coin, and therefore the more we love, the more we hurt at the loss ~ so you sorrow tells me much about your feelings for Klaus.

    Blessings to you on this and all your anniversaries.

  8. Mama and I are thinking of you, and I send lots of hugs to you, sweet Bogart, every day I read your bloggie.
    Do you know about hug baskets?? They only get empty when someone doesn’t need hugs. Otherwise, they keep giving always. Here’s your hug basket for both you and Lulu to share, in memory of Klaus. 🙂

  9. Lulu and Bogart, we are so sorry we are commenting so late on your post! It must have been a very bittersweet day for you! I hope you were able to find some peace ,solace and happiness out of the memories you have of Klaus! You will always have those memories! Embrace them! they are yours and only yours!

    Penny and velcro

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