Hm… wait… vague memories… yes, coming back to me now…

BONES!!!  Must be for me… too big for cats, too carnivorous for the mama-vegetarian.

Beef Marrow Bone.  Now we’re talkin’.

Oh sweet marrow bone, how I have longed for you for so very long.  The mama-vegetarian is really quite bad at this buying meat thing, thus she has long forgotten to look for you, much less bring you home to me.

Oh mama, have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE YOU…?

These are just freakin’ delish.  Lip-smacking-ly good.  And so fun to eat, too!

Check out the fierce technique…




6 thoughts on “A Man and His Bones”

  1. Oh, Bogie! we were mesmerized by this wonderful sight. We loved the look in your eyes … the one of LUV :):). And your technique is borderline with the Art, so fine and multifaceted it is … Nomm-nomm

    Bel 9I wish I understood what the hell ma masie just said

  2. Even computer got overheated … sorry, bud.

    The last line was supposed to be:

    Bel (I wish I understood what the hell my mamsie just said, but I sure do love me some of them bones, please)

  3. You have a most highly developed technique, so the lack of practice has not hurt your ability to process the marrow bone. Maybe you need a reminder magnet for the Mama or something?


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