Woo-hoo!  It’s STILL summer!  For more than a day!  It’s CRAZY…

Time to head down to the waterfront with all of the other hot and steamy folks here in Portland who aren’t yet used to the heat.

I thought I might like to jump in until I remembered that the Willamette is deep and dirty.  Fun to run the paws through, but that’s about all.  So I busied myself watching some overly-tan people whizzing by in a bright orange speedboat.  Again and again and again.

You would think that if someone was going to keep going by – because obviously they knew they were being watched (that boat was LOUD) – they would do something either different or interesting at least once.  And you would be wrong.

We don’t normally walk through SW Portland past the main downtown area, but today we were feeling like explorers…

And we found this:  Lake Tai Rock.  Just in front of City Hall in a lovely, shady park.  A gift from Portland’s sister city in China.  It is a large, irregularly-shaped rock with a lovely pool of water.

Which I found FASCINATING.  These plants must be kind of special because they don’t just get to sit in still water, they have their own gurgler.  Yes, I understand that gurgler is not a word.  But really, that’s what it was.

Did I mention that it was FASCINATING?  Not only did that water water feel good on my toasty paws, but that gurgler was driving me insane.

Behold – the large, irregularly shaped rock.

As well as this smaller cousin-rock.

Did I mention that I found this FASCINATING???

Who knew that mama was filming?  So yes, you can see my little freak-out, and realize that you too would do the same.




3 thoughts on “Lake Tai Rock”

  1. Well, Yes, we almost did go insane here, Bogie. Short of jumping inside the ‘puter … Did you get ‘im? Did ya get the lil girgly guy? You didn’t quit, did ya? We all know you are a true Airedale, so now tell us honestly HOW LONG did your mama have to stay near that lil pool with ya??? Heh??? :mrgreen:

    Bel (ohhhh, I do soooo understand you, Bogie …)

  2. Bogie..

    Don’t you know that those people in the orange boat were admiring you, and they kept coming back to make sure you were real!

    Stay cool man, if summer comes to Portland, can fall be far behind?


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