Chores to be done… nose to the grindstone (or to the sidewalk, as it were).  Time to walk our butts off and head over to the east side.  It’s always such a choice because there are so many bridges here in Portland.  Today we’ll be heading to NE Portland, so off onto the Broadway Bridge it is…


I do occasionally look over the side to see what’s going on below me.  I’m not technically afraid of heights, but lets just say that I don’t get too close.


Notice the shadows.  A few more of those occasional moments of sunshine today!


I spotted this on the other side of the bridge.  Is it a map of the area?  A treasure map of pirates booty?


Nope – the only booty around here is mine, apparently!


Look – it’s Stonehenge (on top of Woodhenge, apparently)



Whenever we walk up NE Broadway, I force mama to cross the street so we can go to this store.  I love to sniff EVERYTHING here, and they always bust out the good treats.


Ok, I ask you – HOW COOL IS THIS:


Yes, it is a tiger-shaped scratching post made of corrugated cardboard.  My kitties would LOVE this.  Year of the Tiger is coming up and this would look FABULOUS in our place.  And yet – the kitties would destroy this almost immediately, it wouldn’t have the chance to look super cool for super long.


Oh well – I know another pine cone spot (yes, I know ALL of the pine cone spots in Portland):


Mama throws them…


And I catch them!


Notice the advanced techniques:



Lots of twisty-turn-y action:


And some major power vaulting:



And of course, since we were in the area (yet again), I lead mama to Laurelhurst Park.  She thinks she’ll get to sit for a bit, but I always have other ideas.


And today we had the biggest surprise – this fine Aireboy is named Silas, and not only is he incredibly handsome he is also incredibly big – he is 100 pounds!  I’m only about 65, and I felt so small next to him…


He has all of the Aire traits and extra personality to go with his extra-ness…


And the biggest, juiciest schnoz I’ve ever seen.  A gigantic black button.


Silas I loved meeting you and hope to see you again – this was the only time in my life that I felt like a WELSH TERRIER


Mama you can go and just leave me here.  This is what my idea of heaven is:


Juicy cones.  Mine Mine Mine.


So today started out as a simple have-a-few-chores-to-do kind of day, yet turned into another one of those 5 hour marathon walkie days.  We were almost home and I needed a little time to catch my breath and relax the paws.  You might find a nice little cafe, or a bench perhaps, but I thought this was the bees knees:


A big patch of ivy.  It cradled me in it’s ever-so-slightly prickly bosom.


And whenever someone would walk past, I’d make this face:


After a few minutes of relaxation, I realized that I was disappearing into the ivy.  I guess it’s time to finish up the walk home and collapse there on my tiger blankie.





7 thoughts on “Touring NE Portland”

  1. Bogie, you are incredible, complete with your precious booty, and your so many faces, and your charismatic smiles, and with all that magestic furrinness of yours 😆 Me will be dreaming of your pine cones tonight, and of your very special friends-making talent. Silas is cool, and you two look totally adorable together … although you are still and always will be the bestedest the numero uno superedest Bogie-Dale!


  2. Yeah..great walkies. Five hours at our house is a day hike! We only do about an hour and a half total on our two walkies. Now, I know you are bigger than I am. (but not as much as I thought) But what about Mama’s poor feeties. Have you gotten her some new booties.

    Best take good care of that lady…you will never find another one like her.


  3. Bogawt
    I must say, you have the bestest walkies of anyone i know..youw mama is pawsome..mine is a wuss and gets too tiwed aftew an houw,plus lately it’s so cold.I get ten minute quickies.
    How faboolous to meet anothew aiweboy..he is cute, but hawdly any competition fow youw pawsomeness..I bet passewsby smiled lots when they saw you sitting in youw ivy cwadle laughing at them.

    Gweat haul of pinecones too..anothew pawfect Bogie day!
    smoochie kisses

  4. Looks like you hit the motherload of pine cones! Silas is a handsome boy, but still not as good looking as you! Take good care of your mama! We hope she got some new walking shoes for that 5 hour walk!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

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