Me and mama – The Gruesome Twosome:


Do we always get the perfect shot the first time?  Well…. nope.  In fact, we don’t even get the perfect shot the 25th time.  There are some challenges inherent in taking a photo by holding the camera away from you, posing, and then hoping against hope that you are both in frame.  Especially when one of us is an AIREDALE…


Sometimes with a little bribery (like a juicy stick) we may be looking in close to the same direction…


And sometimes funny angles can yield great results…


But then your mama will want to get in the act (she thinks she’s such a comedian sometimes)…


I still love her more than anything, no matter what.  Best buddies in the world…


But I do want that stick.  All to myself, please.


Just keep shooting mama, you never know when I will do something adorable…


Or something outrageous…


Or you will capture a perfect moment (where I give you a razzberry).


The point is, WE ARE A TEAM, and neither one of us could do any of this without the other.


Although sometimes I think I do the lion’s share of the work…


And drag her along behind me…


She’s not only my mama, but my BESTEST FRIEND and, well, without those opposable thumbs this blog would be far less interesting.





10 thoughts on “The Gruesome Twosome”

  1. Hei, You Twosome
    No, You Are Not Gruesome
    Me Thinks You Two Are Awesome
    And Funny And Silly and Then Some
    Me Wish Me Had Big Posters Of Yousomes
    Me Would Put Them All Over My Wallsomes
    To Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bel, The Nobel Prize Winner in Poetry 😳

  2. Hi Bogart and Lulu.
    I always see your blog.
    I know Bogart is really your partner.
    My dog,Ralph loves a Ball and a woodstick,too.
    He loves them rather than food.
    This is Airedale!

  3. Bogie! You and Mama both look beautiful. Oh, well. You look verrrry handsome and Mama looks beautiful. And she must have Verrrry long arms.

    teka toy

  4. Bogie
    You made Mommi gwin fwom eaw to eaw looking at these pictoowes wif me.
    We think you make the most tewwifickest twosom!!!
    A pawfect paiw!!!
    so in sinc and gowgeous bof
    We love you bof vewy much
    smoochie kisses
    ASTA and Mommi

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