My buddy Kermit is home from the hospital… but still isn’t feeling so great.  I understand – every time I get home from the hospital I feel like crap too.  Not hungry, kind of tired, happy to be home but basically just wanting to be left alone.  He was happy to see his pals Jupie and Hazel and the kitties, but on the tired side.  The doctors don’t know what’s wrong – hopefully he will be up and running around soon!


Hey Kermit!  I’ve been saving lots of sticks, I’d be happy to send some your way to make you smile.


I mean, I’m actually at the point where I feel like I have some extra ones (mama says that we need to have a fireplace with all of the sticks I bring home) and if they would bring a smile to your face, well, I’d be happy to help.


We could have a chat in my office in your backyard Kermit, you know I’d be happy to see you (yeah, I’d probably try to hump you again, getting your back kind of wet, but you would miss it if I didn’t…) and we could share a nice, juicy stick.  Just say the word!

Thinking of you my friend… GET BETTER SOON!!!  And a BIG AIRE KISS to my Mareike!!!





4 thoughts on “Go Kermit Go!”

  1. Kermit seems to be feeling quite a bit better. He’s not a big fan of the “hospital food” he is supposed to eat for the next week or so but he ate a whole can this morning. He keeps looking longingly at the biscuit cupboard so I bought some very tiny puppy biscuits figuring one or two of those in a day couldn’t do too much harm. Thanks for all of the positive energy coming our way. I know it helps.

  2. We’re glad to know that Kermit is home where he belongs, but we’ve still got the Aire-zen cranked up so he will feel lots better too! ❗ 🙂 We know that sharing your juicy sticks would definitely put a smile on his face!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. So happy to hear good news about Kermit! Of course, hospital helped a bit, but we know better that it is thanks to your heroic efforts, Bogie, your unbearable cuteness and the right choice of medicine (Juicy Sticks) sweet Kermit is on the mend! And did you try to offer a pine cone, as a supplement??? 😆


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