Aw, shucks Bogcedes.  We’ve had a LOT of good times together.


I was pretty sad that mama said we’d have to sell the Bogcedes.  It was dad’s car, and I always felt safe either riding in the navigator’s seat or in the back as the CEO.  Always felt safe with dad at the wheel, and then got used to mama driving.  But apparently it was old and got very sick and decided to not start up anymore.  That was when selling the Bogcedes morphed into donating the Bogcedes.


Of course we decided to donate it to an animal-related charity – and we know that dad would approve.


But we had to hop in one more time…


So that we never forget…


My favorite position – head right in back of dad, juicy schnoz on his neck.


Then sitting back into full CEO position…


Keeping an eye out while mama is driving…


Ah we loved you Bogcedes, and hope that your next owners will love you like dad did (and treat you better than mama did)…





5 thoughts on “RIP Bogcedes”

  1. Aww, I like the fact that you got one last trip, and got to relive all the good things about your bogcedes, including your dad.
    And it looked like a perfect fall day to do it.

  2. Hang on to all those happy memories Bogie. They’ll stay wiv yoo for ever. You don’t need a car to remind yoo of how much yoo love yoor dad and how much he still means to yoo.
    Smoochies from us.

  3. Ah Bogie, we have become quite fond of the Bogecedes, and will miss it. We hope your Mama doesn’t decide to buy a “SMART” car, but would enjoy the pictures of you on the test drive.


  4. you guys are soo dammed funny…….I had a bad day and you once again brought a smile to my face :mrgreen:

    new transportation…a new day……ONWARD and UPWARD

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