Stanley’s mama is an EXCELLENT booty scratcher.  And chin-action giver.  And present chooser.  But I have talents too…


Yes I will allow you to try to teach me about sticks.  I will even play the eager student.


Until you drop it and I place the mighty Paw of Doom upon it.  Then it’s mine.


Catch me if you can!


Oh Miss Lisa, mama and I had SUCH A GOOD TIME with you, and we’re sorry that we couldn’t spend more time together while you were here in Portland.  I hope you know that all of those times I tried to tackle you as well as the times I would grumble meant that I was showing you LOVE and APPRECIATION, even when it may not have seemed that way.

And thanks for all of the chin action and the introduction to the true atomic booty scratch.  Obviously mama has been doin’ it wrong all of this time, and she learned something too.


Give my love to Stanley and Stella!  And of course a little extra somethin’ for Merv.




2 thoughts on “Land of the Atomic Booty Scratch”

  1. But look on the bright side, Bogie: miss Lisa might be gone back home, but now, though, your mama can start practicing her newly acquired skill of ABS. That is if you let her … of course … The rumors are that you didn’t like it ………. no? NOOOOOOOO ?????????????????????????

    He he,
    Scratch one for me, buddy!
    Bel (I also have cute fluffy booty, you know …)

  2. We can’t deny it. We are jealous of the Lisa visit and all of the Bogie attention. We LOVE booty scratches (the more atomic the better) and our mom (though she tries) is mighty lame. We THOUGHT Lulu was the best but now we have learned that there is someone mightier than she.

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