It has been HOT here in Portland.  Yes I know that it is summer.  And yes I remember my early years in Los Angeles.  But with all of the lovely seasons here in the Pacific NW, I seem to have forgotten what summer FEELS like.


Today… I remembered.


An afternoon spent in the forest is ALWAYS a good thing, but especially when it’s hot.  There is always some cozy shade to be found.  And some fantastic sticks don’t hurt either.



We had a nice little picnic on the side of the volcano.  Mama was enjoying sitting and relaxing.  I, on the other hand, had other ideas.  Sometimes I have to be more persuasive than others…


We have a special understanding.  I can bite her head and she still loves me.  I can bark at full strength right into her ear and I still get a big kiss.


I’ve got her wrapped around my fuzzy finger.


Even with a mouthful of forest – thanks to some extended pine cone action – she still loves me.  I assume I will have to dodge a bath this evening, however.


Wish me luck!




9 thoughts on “Catching Some Big Aire”

  1. Bogie, I love how your gorgeous tongue and ears are flying on the wind, Yippeeeee!!!!! As for you and your mama … Ahhhhh … what can I say? You are such a sweet wonderful little family, and we all here are fascinated how you take care and love and protect each other (well, ok, except for baths, maybe … he he he …). 😆

    Bel (it looks like today is my turn to dodge a bath … brrrrrrr ….)

  2. oh bogart you are just the cutest dog ever….we live on vancouver island so we are not that far from you…and i just find it way too hot for me….thanks god for the ocean…..

  3. hi Bogart,
    we haven’t dropped in for a while, but wanted to say Hi. You guys go for walks in beautiful places, and we have enjoyed all of your recent posts.

    Hope you get to share some more sandwiches with your mom soon.

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