Mama got a call this morning from my vet – he just wanted to check up on me, make sure that all was well since my foxtail surgery.  We’ve never gotten a call like that before, and it was damn nice.  Yes I finished all of my pain medicine and today was my last day of antibiotics and you would be proud Mr. Vet, I have not played with my paw at all – not while the spiffy purple bandage was on nor once mama pried it off.


All of my walkies have been fine – through city streets and my local parks.   No pain, no infection, just some fine, fuzzy healing.


Behold… the paw:


I am very happy indeed that I didn’t get the full shave this time – the last two times I had to have foxtails removed from my poor paws I got a full-on baldie, making my paws look damn silly.  The vet here in Portland was kind enough to think of my dignity once the bandage was removed and only shaved my toes.


Thank you good doctor!




7 thoughts on “Perfectly Pedicured Paw”

  1. Oh, Bogie, I am so damn happy to know that you are doing fine and all(most) your gorgeous furnishings are still on you. I especially know everything about dignity in furry Airedales, since I am being put onto silly summer foxtail regimen (aka “poodle feet”) by my mams who said that we are not taking any more chances … Stay fuzzy and healthy, my friend, as an inspiration to all those misfortunate Dale boys and girls out there in the foxtail world …

    And Yes, remember to take your probiotics daily, now that you finished your antibiotics. So that your poopies will be just as bold and beautiful as your handsome self are!


  2. Hey Bogart. Glad you’re feeling better and that they didn’t shave you right down. I don’t have a lot of fur, but I’ve been shaved down too. Not fun.
    Oh, I thought of you the other day when I found a HUGE pile of pine cones.


    Pei-Ess, give your Mom nose kisses from me please!

  3. thank you for the paw update. We didn’t see the bandage, and we are glad to hear you are as good at healing as you are at collecting pine cones and sticks

    gussie d

  4. You are very brave! Glad the dogtor was nice; that rarely happens. (Old Girl says “That’s not true. Fred’s vet is very considerate.”)

  5. That’s so nice to hear that you have a great vet – they are so hard to find! Faya sent me here and I lurves your blog!


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