What is one to do when you have a pocket full of carrots and kohlrabi that just isn’t going to make it into tomorrow’s stew or salad?  Why, you feed it to your local nubian goats, of course!

After giving them my special “goat call”, they slowly came outside.

Today two were brave, two less so.

With some trepidation, the two brave goats approached us when they noticed not only my familiar voice but also the carrot in dad’s hand.

Mmm.  Goodness.

We are all endlessly fascinated by these goats (the horses were also outside, but in a different part of the yard)…

Fascinated, and of course, semi-scared out of my mind.  Especially when we get this close…

With no grains from the Black and Tan brewery to drop off today, I do think that our goat-y pals enjoyed the pocketfull of carrots.

And I get one sniff closer to understanding them.



Chez Bogart


3 thoughts on “Fun With Goats”

  1. oh bogart….now you’ve done it. the humomm is talking about getting a nubian goat..she especially likes the ones w/the white ears….soooooooo cute. well i never! a goat!! i was always the one she thought was soooooocute. big pout…can dogs pout?
    anyhow.. neat farm w/lots of hungry goats!
    theBUSTER AND MS. Persephone & Ms. Blue :mrgreen:

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