Bogart spent his life in the public eye via this blog.  His little fuzzy mug insisted that we start this way back when he first arrived 11 years ago.  The idea of a dog with a blog was new territory back then, and a dog’s blog from his own perspective?  Nobody else was doing it.  So with a crappy camera, a rudimentary knowledge of blogging software, and a dream, this blog was born.  We’ve captured almost every major (and minor) bit of Bogart’s life for eleven years – and made friends around the world because of it.

Now that he’s gone, it is an amazing resource for me to look back on, and smile.  That boy had THE LIFE.  And when it was time to put together a tribute video to celebrate his life, well, it was invaluable.  I have many thousands of photos and videos haphazardly saved amongst various hard drives, old computers, and flash drives, but the blog was a great source of photos from puppyhood all the way through his golden years.

I hope you will enjoy seeing this, cry a little, and smile at the badass adventures of Notorious BHD.

Can’t see the video on Youtube?  Click here -  Bogart Handsome Devil Tribute Video



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