It’s been a tough week around here after losing Willie.  My long-haired orange tabby pal was not just big in stature, but also big in presence.  All of our other kitties seem a little “off” and have basically been grumpy and needy all week.  I too miss him a lot, even though he didn’t like me all that much (he smelled awfully good).

Tonight mama and I went to pick him up and bring him home.

It’s hard to believe that this little, wooden box holds the remains of my big, furry friend.

Oh Willie, my pal, I would far prefer your furry butt and amazingly fluffy tail, but this box is darned nice.

You still smell good, and I will never forget you.  Now mama can put you on the little shelf with all of our other kitties and with Klaus (yeah, dad wouldn’t be thrilled to know that he’s surrounded by cats, but hey, he was surrounded by them before so I’m sure he will appreciate the company).




One thought on “Willie Comes Home”

  1. We are sending love and purrs. Mom said that when her beloved Henry cat’s ashes came home ~ she felt a sense of peace that she hadn’t felt since his death. It was like he was back in his rightful place. That was in 2004 ~ and she still gets comfort from him being there now.


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