FINALLY… mom and I packed up the special pine cone for my buddy Kirby today…

Kirby Kone

Kirby Kone

I had to help to make sure it was packed just right… and to give it one last lick for quality control.  Kirby my friend, the cone is on it’s way – no dog should be without a giant pine cone!!!

Bogie in the Rain

After we delivered it to the post office, we took a little walk in the park.  It’s RAINING here today, and while I used to not really like the rain so much today I’m Lovin’ It.  It’s like it’s finally dawned on me that I can shake off all of the rain on my back (thanks to my Aire-fuzz) so that I can run more!  And I didn’t even lose the tennis ball that you see me modelling here…

Lots of new green grass here soon – and we really really need the rain here!




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