Handsome Devil

Today while I was out with mom, a woman was watching us play.  Mom kept saying “good Bogie”, and “such a handsome boy Bogie” (you know, just the usual stuff) and the woman came over.  She asked if my name was Bogie and mom said yes… and the woman explained that she was from the Phillippines and that in her language the word Bogie means…. wait for it…

Good looking.

Now I’m not sure if the spelling is the same, but the meaning sure is!




4 thoughts on “Handsome in any language…”

  1. Yes you are quite a good looking dog to those humans I can tell. Why don’t people appreciate us for the important stuff. Like how many bones we can put away in one sitting? Or how we can always find the best most perfumy stuff to roll in?

    So much to love in us besides our exteriors.


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