Ok, you all know me pretty well by now. You know how much I love this internet thing… getting to show off for all the world and have an audience for my ever-expanding beliefs.

Can I say how much I hate it though?

Mom is having some really really weird DSL issues so she can’t use the internet at home. Everyday I hear her screaming at people on the phone about it. No one seems to be able to fix it (I bet I could fix it easier) and several of them have been foolish enough to hang up on her. Not a good idea, I can tell them that mom is pretty easy-going until you push her. Then all hell breaks loose and you were better off just doing what she wanted in the first place (or so I’ve heard).

So technically I won’t be up and fully operational until…. wait for it…. next Monday. You’ll probably hear of some violent deaths in the meantime in the Los Angeles area, don’t tell anyone, ok, but I’m pretty sure that will be mom taking out some unhelpful internet representatives. In the meantime, I’ve still been documenting my life as always, here’s a quick update on the last few days…

Bogart at EZ Lube Bogart at EZ Lube Bogart at EZ Lube

On Saturday (the day after the evil of the internet going down happened) mom’s car started making funny noises. So since she’s a girl, she thought, “hey, that means I must need an oil change” so off we went to our local EZ Lube. I watched the guys try valiantly to sell mom everything under the sun to go along with the lube-ing but she wasn’t biting. Then we had to go wait outside because I was a little too excited about all of the activity inside and indeed I was thinking about how I could get down into that grease pit.

Bogart and the Ducks Bogart and the Ducks Bogart and the Ducks

Sunday started out with some “duck shopping”, uh, I mean some walking around the Echo Park lake. I was entranced with pigeons for some strange reason, and they formed this weird pigeon pyramid which just kind of freaked me out some more. Must try harder to bag one next time.

Later that day we went to Rally’s – it’s a burger joint with a Nascar theme – and needless to say, mom and dad aren’t Nascar fans but they make a mean burger and they’re cheap! So off we went, me stuffed into the back of a very hot car, to Rally’s.

Rally Burger Rally Burger Rally Burger

See how bright the photos are? That’s how sunny it was, and damn that asphalt was hot. Had me doin’ a Dale dance.

Rally Burger

Then I smelled it. At first I didn’t notice that mom had returned to the table holding a bag, I was just trying to catch some shadow. But slowly I turned…

Rally Burger Rally Burger

Rally Burger Rally Burger

A burger all for meeeeeeeee!

Rally Burger Rally Burger Rally Burger

I even went for the bun – not to my usual taste, but today it was yummy.

Rally Burger Rally Burger Rally Burger

So that should almost bring me back up-to-date… I miss all of my dog buddies, hope to be back at full force really soon.




9 thoughts on “Internet Hell”

  1. Bogart,
    Wow pigeons bug me too! I wish we had a Rally’s here maybe then I could get a yummy burger.
    I’m sorry your mom is having issues with her internet. Mom says that’s why she has broadband. LOL she’s not expert.
    I like the new looks of your page layout.
    Take care stay cool.

    Wirey hugs,

  2. Hey Bogart,

    Freda here. Love your moniker! Cooool! I’m told I’m part terrier and part shepherd. I think we’re related. If I sqeeze my eyes a bit, you kinda look like me. Or is it me you? More proof? You love Rally burgers. I love In-N-Out burgers. Ruff! Ruff!

    We use DSL for our magic typer too. So far we’ve had pretty good luck. Knock on bone. If your Mom can’t get no satisfaction (Sorry Mick and the Boys) I hope she stays home and we don’t see her in one those famous LA car chases on the magic box.



    P.S. May I add your great blog to my list of Paw Pals? Thanks.

  3. Hi all,

    Thanks for sticking with me! It’s sooooo hard to exist without my internet connection….

    And yes Freda, please feel free to add me to your Paw Pals list! I’ll add you too…


  4. Hey Bogie!

    Nice Burger Dude!
    Sometimes my humans go to Burger King and bring us back a little something:-)
    Its ALL good!
    My dad has things to say about those DSL people – its pretty rude though:-)
    I think your Mama Lulu might get cross if I say it here:-)

    I hope it all gets fixed for you buddy.


  5. Hi Bogart,
    Too bad about the puter trouble. Mama just finally got DSL last month for the first time. We live out in the country and she was so sick of dial up. She was happy when she found out she could get the DSL. Hope they fix yours soon!!!
    Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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