Tag Bogart is It!

Looks like I’ve been “tagged” multiple times now… I just had to get over the hump of turning 1, becoming a man, leaving my childhood behind before I could actually respond!

So here are the 5 weird and/or embarrassing things about me:

1. I have a red pillow (purchased at IKEA by mom just before I arrived in Los Angeles) that has been MY pillow for as long as I can remember. I sleep with my head on it, occasionally throw it into the air when I’m feeling playful, and yes, it is my humping pillow. Unfortunately, as I have grown exponentially since I was a tiny pup the pillow has not grown a single inch – so it’s woefully inadequate for it’s job as humping pillow. But I try.

2. I am in love with a raggedy old stray cat that mom feeds named Scruffy. If you saw him you’d know why we call him Scruffy. He’s an old deaf orange tabby, and was obviously a tough guy in his day, but now he’s got everyone in the apartment complex completely whipped into doing his bidding and bringing him food. Really, the walkway to our apartment is like a buffet line in Vegas. But I looooooooove him and get incredibly excited every time I see him. All I want to do is hold him down and lick his head, but sometimes I get too excited and forget to be gentle. But he’s my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e…

3. I howl whenever I hear a fire truck. First I stop everything I’m doing to look toward the source of the sirens, then I tilt my head first to the right, then to the left, so that I can get the exact tone in my head… then I tilt my head back all the way and howl along with the siren.

4. I’m a flaming bisexual. Male dogs, female dogs, humping at the wrong end, it’s all okay with me. Once I get that “special feeling” I need some special “canine healing” (I learned my lesson and don’t try anything with the cats… those claws are sharp!).

5. Whenever I’m given a bath (mom or dad will drag me into the shower with them so that we both get a good soaping) and it’s over, I run out for what mom calls the “Aire Dry”. I have no interest in the towels or blow dryers, oh no. I run at top speed all around the apartment rubbing myself all over anything and everything I can find. Then I get up and do it again. And again. And again. Then I fall into a heap, exhausted from running at top speed in a small place. Then mom laughs and I do it all again. Over and over until I’m basically dry. The Aire Dry.

Tag Bogart is It!

Hope this has been educational for all of you… I’ll start working on new and exciting things once all the cake has been digested.




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