Happy Birthday to Bogart

Happy Birthday to Me… Happy Birth-Day Dear Meeeeeeeeeee……

Happy Birthday to Me.

I did it – today I’m officially no longer a puppy (although mom still plans to use this as an excuse for virtually anything I do for at least another year or so). Today I become a man.

Bogart's New Collar Bogart's New Collar Bogart's New Collar

And that means gifts, as all of you dogs know. So mom brought out my big present… a FANTASTIC new leather collar!

Bogart's New Collar Bogart's New Collar

I was starting to feel like she didn’t care much about my appearance lately as my old collar was starting to get a little ratty and small.

Bogart's New Collar Cake Coma

It’s a beautiful “cowboy cool” collar that she got from a really nice lady on ebay if you want one too (and I couldn’t blame you for wanting to look just like your idol)…

Bogart's Birthday Cake Bogart's Birthday Cake

And what is the most important part of the birthday celebration – after presents that is? It’s CAKE, of course. Mom got me a bone-shaped cake from Three Dog Bakery and boy was I ready to chow.

Bogart's Birthday Cake Bogart's Birthday Cake Bogart's Birthday Cake

Dad sliced it (after they sang to me) into little pieces so that I could eat it easily without dragging doggie frosting all over the floor….. mmmmmmmmm.

Bogart's Birthday Cake Bogart's Birthday Cake Bogart's Birthday Cake

Damn tasty cake.

Bogart's Birthday Cake Bogart's Birthday Cake Bogart's Birthday Cake

Peanut butter cake with yogurt frosting and carob writing – it even said Happy Birthday Bogart on it with two doggie paws!

Bogart's Birthday Cake Bogart's Birthday Cake

Kafka the cat thought he’d get “in on the action”. Hell, I steal his food all the time so have a tiny piece my little buddy (and I mean a really small piece – more for me).

Cake Coma Cake Coma Cake Coma

This is the resulting “cake coma”.

Cake Coma Cake Coma

I ate nearly half the cake by myself and needed a few minutes to, uh, digest.

The Dales! The Dales!

Then mom dragged me out of the house again, but this time I was really in for some fun… we went over to her friend Marieke’s house – the owner of my 3 favorite Airedales in the whole world!

The Dales! The Dales!

I haven’t seen them for awhile so I admit that I was a bit, ahem, randy and my excitement and hormones went into overdrive (and yes, in true rock and roll doggie style when I was done humping I starting puking – too much cake and hormones). But that’s ok, they know me and still love me. And of course the fact that I brought them the rest of my birthday cake didn’t hurt…

Bogart's Birthday Cake

I’m thinking that birthdays should be celebrated far more often than once a year. This one was FUN.




9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me…”

  1. Ooooh nice outfit! And love the way you ended your day with a “bang”! A girl this time maybe?

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Thanks everybody!!!!!!!

    Hehehe yes this time I concentrated my “energies” on the girl Dale, but when she wasn’t interested I went after the boys again… just can’t help chasing tail!


  3. Happy 1st Birthday Bogart!! Your cake looks really yummy. Snickers turned 4 in July and Mama made her a peanut butter carrot cake with peanut butter frosting! It was mighty tasy!
    Butchy & Snickers

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