Fresh Mex

Apparently mom and dad went out for dinner tonight to a Mexican restaurant without taking me along. Yes I did everything in the dog handbook – looked up lovingly, went to grab my leash, sat and tilted my head to one side, even trying to squeeze myself between their legs when the door opened – but no luck. They still had the unmitigated gall to go out without me.

I spent a short time sulking after they left and then decided I must do something. I must teach them a lesson. This great injustice cannot go unpunished. It is simply unacceptable for them to go pretty much anywhere without bringing me along.

So I found mom’s makeup bag. Yes, her favorite one. Somehow she had forgotten to put it in her purse when she left. I very carefully nudged through the contents to find at least one treasured item – in this case a green eye pencil – and chewed it into oblivion. Then as I realized that it really didn’t taste that great (who says that revenge always tastes sweet? Sometimes it tastes kind of…. woody) I chewed the packet of Listerine breath strips. Mmm, nice and citrus-y. Then one more lipstick just to really drive the point home.

Fresh Mex

When they came in of course mom saw it immediately. At times it’s difficult for me to understand her – especially when she’s excited about something – so all I hear is “blah blah blah” and I just continue smiling and nodding my head until it’s over. She started picking up the pieces while dad brought out the doggie bag. Yes folks I knew that they wouldn’t risk complete destruction of the apartment and at least show up with the doggie bag.

Fresh Mex

It was just a few bits of steak and a nacho or two – but it was muy bueno.




14 thoughts on “Fresh Mex”

  1. At least they brought you a “doggie” bag!! 😉 I love Mexican! Just be careful with the chewing off the mom’s stuff! She may not bring you back anything next time!

  2. Hi Bogie,

    Good job on the make-up. That should teach them a lesson! If they do it again, the best way to send a shockwave through the house is go for the human womans shoe collection:-)


  3. Hi Bogart,

    I can imagine you with red and green lips and teeth after chewing your mum’s make up. You must have look funny >.

  4. Hello Bogart,

    We found your blog from one of our wft cyberpals.

    Thought to leave you a note to say that you are really handsome and makes us wish for Airedale Terrier pals. Yup, we are from Singapore and we dun really have many terriers, Airedale included, over here.

    Hope the fleas fly away soon!

    Wiry loves,
    Mango & Party

  5. Hi Bogart,
    Mama says you are gorgeous! She loves airedales too, but says that you get too big for her to handle, otherwise she said she would love to rescue one. Thanks for the add on your links to our blogs buddy. We will add yours to our list today. Glad your parents brought you home a doggie bag of scraps! You didn’t think that they would forget you did ya? Talk to you soon!
    Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  6. Hmmm, we had a comment written and when we submitted, it disappeared.
    Anyway, glad to meet you Bogart! Thanks for adding our blogs to your links pal. We will add your site today on our cyber pal list. Glad your parents brought you home a doggie bag of scraps! You really didn’t think that they would forget you did ya? Talk to you soon!
    Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  7. More and more restaurants in the future will start admitting dogs to their outdoor patio dining. Florida has already left it up to each city to allow dogs in restaurants. It is about time. Settling for doggy bags really sucks.

  8. Yeah it’s funny – there are a lot of places here in LA that I can go (yes we sit outside but it’s pretty much always warm so that’s ok) but there are a lot that I can’t! Even when they have an outside patio, they don’t allow dogs or they think that dogs have to sit outside a fence. What is that about? I’m neater, cuter, and better behaved than human babies and they’re allowed inside….


  9. Hi,
    Sometimes you just have to address the injustices that humans put upon us. I love your blog, by the way.

  10. Your lucky my mom wouldn’t have let me have the doggie bag for another day. I outgrew that chewing stuff long ago. You will too someday.

    Have your mom get some of that topspot flea stuff works great. expensive but your worth it. wags . dustydog.

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