USA Socks

5 more freaking days.

Well at least the vet took the bandage off today.  He suggested (firmly) that I must wear the “cone” and I gave mom a look of confusion.  She smiled sweetly while making the face that says “not now, I’ll tell you what that means later…” and we got to leave.

Mom explained that the “cone” is that horrible elizabethan collar thingy that I’ve been avoiding since the beginning of this whole foxtail fiasco.  Mom hates it and is doing everything she can to make me not have to wear it… including wearing snazzy socks everyday.  But that means I have to be good, to not play with my now-exposed stitches.

Bogie Nose

But they’re sooooo fascinating m-o-m…




2 thoughts on “We Will… We Will… Sock You”

  1. hola bogart…are you clipped or plucked [stripped]? just curious.
    my pup will be coming home with us soon! july 16th she can
    be picked up – we are so excited!

  2. Hi Kelly!

    The humans stripped me… I was due to be clipped but then a good friend gave them some stripping tools and they got to work…


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