Oops Bogart Did it Again

Well that bandage didn’t last long…

I was at the dog park this morning – so happy to be there and run around with my Airedale buddies and other doggie friends – when it happened.  First the sock started to fly off and then, as if in slow motion, the entire bandage came off with it.

Mom and dad weren’t pleased.  I also managed to pull a little on one of the stitches so I was bleeding a bit.  But did I notice?  Nah.  It was FUN.




2 thoughts on “Oops, I Did it Again…”

  1. hey hey bogart! you are so lucky! i LOVE the dog park and we hardly ever go there. im sorry your mom and dad were upset about the bandage. i dont understand why peepol can be so uptight about wrapping our paws up with they are hurtie. dogs know we just have to lick the ouchies to make them all better.

    oh well. sometimes we just have to humor the humans to make them happy.

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