Potential for sunny spring-like Saturday = full rucksack with food and water for another extended Airedale tour of Portland!


For some, life is about stopping and smelling the roses.  I concur, but would add that stopping to chomp the cones is MUCH more appropriate.


Let me demonstrate:


Take a moment to consider things behind you, and catch them in your mighty jaws…


Always be ready for things coming right at you, and catch them in your mighty jaws…


Before some things may pass you by, open your mighty jaws…


Think positively, aim high, and catch them with your mighty jaws…


Improve your focus, and catch them in your mighty jaws…


Stand up tall and proud… and catch them in your mighty jaws…


Don’t forget to do your little dance everyday… and catch them in your mighty jaws…


And when you’re just about to miss it, make a goofy face that says “I meant to do that”, and run after it, pounce on it, and capture it in your mighty jaws.


Another lovely day to run in Laurelhurst Park.  Luckily mama brought a big bag of food and treats and a large bottle of water today!  We weren’t expecting it to be so warm, and we both needed a bunch of pit stops in between stick collection and walking.


Portland is lovely and green right now, with flowers blooming all over the place.  Yes mama, I’ll pose with the flowers…


While it’s a really long walk for us, we both really like coming to Laurelhurst Park.  It’s just so pretty (even the still-green algae pond).


Geese means goose-poop!  Woo hoo!  Gotta find a nice big pile of that to roll in… none over here…


None over here either.


Found it!  Luckily mama was blinded by the sun and couldn’t see me rolling in it.  I’m sure she’ll discover it later once we’re home…




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3 thoughts on “Walk Like an Airedale-ian”

  1. Ahahaha, Bogie! Those geese finally cooperated, hehe :mrgreen: Poor mama, she probably doen’t share your enthusiasm for goose poop. Just think about all the goodness (gooseness?? 😆 ) she misses!!!!

    Me likeyd your picturrre with white rhododendron. My ma says Awwww. Me misself says Let Me Pee On It!!!!!!!!

    And in conclusion, may I add to your excellent essay on pine cones and excercising mighty jaws, to always enjoy wild wind blowing right into your mighty jaws and surrounding ‘stache’n’beard! Cheers!!

    Bel (who usually excercises his mighty jaws at dinner time …)

  2. Bogie, we think your essay on pine cones is an excellent statement of your philosophy of life. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    As for goose poop, I bet it is wonderful. My best so far is duck poop, but mostly I settle for pigeon poop, as it is more plentiful around here.


  3. Dude, while I’m more of a stop-and-sniff-the-peemail kind of guy, I am completely with you on the “mighty jaws” concept. Use ’em or lose ’em I always say!!
    – Chuck

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