We are off to NW Portland to enjoy some fine fall foliage, visit some cool shops, and maybe have a little lunch.  I heartily approve, and hop into my seat in the Bogcedes.

Come on dad… you said we were going…

Luckily once I’m strapped in I can still get my mug out of the window to enjoy a little fresh aire.

This little guy had the same idea – minus the harness – isn’t he a cutie?  We were stopped at a traffic light and mama and I saw him and thought he was pretty darned adorable.

I have so much to learn about this “fall” thing, also called this “autumn” thing.  In Los Angeles this time of year is much different – it’s still really hot outside, and there aren’t lots of leaves on the ground.  I am finding that leaves are a FANTASTIC new experience, a GREAT way to leave and receive pee-mail, and just all-around incredibly coolarama.

NW Portland is a really pretty place, lots of beautiful houses and great places to walk around.  I’m leading the way today…

Yup, pick up a few messages, and leave a few.

Isn’t the color fantastic?

I’m thinking about starting a website for doggies – Hydrants Around the World – something near and dear to all of us.  More as a joke for now, but it would be funny wouldn’t it?

These two hydrants look really old-school and very cool, don’t they?

All this walking has made me hanker for a little snackie.  Hey, I’ve heard that there is a cool little French cafe in this neighborhood that mama wanted to try… can we find it?

YESSS!  It’s called St. Honore and it’s a lovely little cafe smart enough to have outdoor seating that’s just right for doggies.

I wholeheartedly approve of the mozzarella panini that mama and I shared.

On our walk around, we stumbled into (ok, I dragged us into) a store called All for Paws.  What a cool shop!

Full of all things doggie, the lovely lady running the shop offered me lots of treats.  As I am probably the most picky dog in the entire world and not motivated by treats at all (much to mama’s chagrin) the nice lady tried treat after treat after treat – and I wouldn’t bite.

She was determined but alas, so was I.  I think I just get distracted rather than completely uninterested in the treats that people sometimes offer me – because I do enjoy a good treat from time to time.  Maybe I’ll bring her some of my Chez Bogart jerky sometime…

A quick drinkie and we’re off.

OK Stanley, this is for you and Mz. Stella.  I have become very attached to the stuffed Mingo you sent me, it is one of my very favorite toys.  I use Mingo to let dad know whenever I need a walkie so yes, he is a daily and dear friend.  Today when I was walking, I saw this:

CAFFE MINGO!!!  OMDog, I had no idea that Mingo was so talented or that he had inspired so many and in so many ways…

I simply MUST eat here sometime.  And I WILL bring Mingo along.



Don’t forget about the Be My Baby Mama contest – only one more week to enter and WIN!!!

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One thought on “NW Dale”

  1. You handsome devil. I wish I could do a shoulder roll into a pillow and send it to you. I think we would make a lovely pair of terriers.
    Are you getting ready for Halloween? And are you going to vote next week, I did on Oct 14 in Canada.
    Sally Hot Lips

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