Tag Bogart is It!

Looks like I’ve been tagged by my Airedale dreamgirl Sunshade… the theme for this tagging is “What makes a good doggie friend”. So here are my 5 things…

1. ALWAYS be kind to cats. They have these sharp thingies on the ends of their paws. Did I mention that they hurt? Especially when one of them gets caught in a majestic Airedale beard which thus begins a run around the apartment with a cat “attached” and both of us yelping (insert Benny Hill music here and you have a better idea). Mom will laugh hysterically, so it’s important that the doggie maintain some dignity and control over the situation. So just be nice to them… all the time… no exceptions…

2. Buy dinner before humping. This one I’ve been learning the hard way. I’m quite the enthusiastic humper, and never seem to see the need for any pleasantries beyond “gee your butt smells terrific!”. I’m thinking that if I could be a little smoother, maybe play a little harder to get, that I’ll get more positive reactions from the doggies that I’m trying to hump. And perhaps if I stop going for the boys all the time…

3. Showing up with treats works every time. Even though I am not a dog who is motivated by food (I know, it’s odd…) I understand that basically all of my fellow dogs are. So whenever we go somewhere I try to make sure to remind mom to bring at least a few treats with us to share. Whether it’s birthday cake to share with my Dale buddies or just a few Newman’s Own peanut butter treats (a recent discovery), it’s always polite when you’re invited over to bring something.

4. Try to turn down the testosterone levels. If you can, that is. As I’m growing and becoming a man, I’m discovering that my hormones have a life of their own. I have no control over when the pump is turned on, and when it’s turned off. This is where the humans come in handy, as does the short leash. When first meeting another (especially male and/or unneutered) dog, it’s best to err on the side of caution – even if he goes for you first. Now we all know that Airedales don’t start fights, we end ’em, but mom prefers (and I basically agree) that I be a lover, not a fighter.

5. Share your hard-earned knowledge with other doggies. It’s a dogs world, and we can’t let the humans run it. They’d completely ruin it without us! Encourage other cool doggies to start blogs, post pictures, share their exciting days with us all. Support ’em when they need our help, especially if they’re rescue doggies that need it most. Remember… IT’S A DOGS WORLD.




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