Bogart and Behemoth

Well, it looks like I’ve got a few more days with the bandage… we went to the vet this morning and they whisked me into the back, took a look at my paw, then rebandaged me up and sent me back to the humans.  5 more days.

Did I tell you how the first bandage was actually removed?  Last night I was playing with Behemoth (the grey and white cat) and he got a little too frisky.  So I jumped toward him, throwing down both paws, just doin’ my thang.  I was – of course – socked.  Literally and figuratively.  I had a white sock over my bandage and all of the claws on Behemoth’s right front paw got caught on my sock.  Well, that didn’t make me really happy so I started to run around (with Behemoth attached).  Behemoth gave a huge howl and then pulled his paw back hard – taking my sock and bandage with it.

It was actually kind of hilarious – because neither one of us got hurt, of course.  He usually gets caught in my fuzz whenever he goes for me (which isn’t often, we’re really good buddies) and I occasionally take him for a “tour” of the apartment this way.

Do you think we told the vet this story of how the bandage went away?  Nah…..

Bogart and Klaus

Back to my nightly ritual of watching dad prepare dinner and trying to look as adorable and famished as possible!




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