Many of you had been wondering after my last romp through the Christmas Village if I indeed got any of that yummy strudel.  THE ANSWER IS YES

 But I’m not very good at waiting for it, you see.  Patience is not a virtue in my book.  When in doubt, GO ALL IN I say…

 All schnoz in, that is.

 Push your nose all the way down towards the yummy goodness of the apfel strudel.  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO


 Oh thank you again, dear Helmut.  I am a huge fan of your work.

 Mmm… Mmm… Goodness

 There really was no stopping me after mama foolishly waved the box in my direction.  And then she couldn’t stop laughing so I continued digging for the gold-en goodness at the bottom of the box.  No need to warm it up on my account, just GET IN MY BELLY

Love and happy strudel-y thoughts,


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