(First things first… Woo Hoo!  Camera is BACK IN BUSINESS!)

Mama had to go back to that “work” thing… and I wasn’t exactly pleased.  I am to be left to my own devices all day long now which is not my preferred schedule.  Yes, I got a nice, long walkie this morning but I miss you when you’re gone all day mama!

So lets get started on you making it up to me.  LONG EVENING WALKIE TIME!!!

First up, Rittenhouse Square.  Where the trees have knitted cozies (well, this one does):

I’ve just got to explore all of the smells here.  Got the tongue ready to do battle.

Free concerts on Wednesday nights, hey, we might have to come back for that!

But more immediate and much more important, there are lots of cool doggies here.  This greyhound has caught my attention a few times and today we got to romp!  Lovin’ it!

I was also happy to share with this cutie pie…

We’ve been slowly exploring our new city and walking through different neighborhoods.  The Rittenhouse area is darned pretty and has lots of interesting things…

Town Watch Community sign or Martini with Olive, Little Roof and Straw sign?

Like mama always believes, Every Day is Halloween…

And of course a kind of portrait of the two of us…

Thanks for the extra-long walkie mama, it hit the spot.  Now don’t ever go back to that work place, ok?  Spend all of your days with me and we’ll both be MUCH happier.



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7 thoughts on “Spruce Street Strolling”

  1. Dat’z a really nice town you got yourself there, Bogie. And the kitties … especially black kitties in the windows … yumm … errrr … I meant to say WOW! Yes, I dig it, man. More walkies, pleez 😆 .


  2. I also hate the work thing but lucky for me my Aunt Dana is home a lot. But she likes LONG walks and doing stairs at the Art Museum and HILLS! Mom just does short walkies and then we sit and lounge about in the grass. Anyway…I love seeing your pictures cos Dana takes me to Rittenhouse Square sometimes and I like it too. Mom says she is seeing her city in a new light thanks to your interesting finds!
    C you soon,
    Your little buddy Axel

  3. Hey Bogie,

    Yay for walkies! The more, the better. If you get two walkies a day, consider yourself blessed….we only get one! Your mama works AND gives you tons of walkies….hey, she rocks!

    Love Ya,

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