We’re here!  We made it all the way to Portland, Oregon.  First we were on a plane, then we got a car (you’d be proud of dad – he makes a decent co-pilot – not as good as you, of course, but decent).


Everytime I’m in the car I keep looking back to see your head in the rear-view mirror.  It’s so weird to be here without you!!!  We realized that we actually don’t walk ANYWHERE without you, so this has been kind of tough for us.  Nobody looks at me adoringly on the street, and the smiles are definitely more muted than when we are with you, oh fuzzy man.


But you’d LOVE it here – lots of other doggies and lots of doggie-businesses.  I could easily see nice, long walks with you all over town and then sitting outside at a cafe drinking tea and soaking up the Airedmiration.


I couldn’t sleep last night because I MISSED YOU BUDDY – I woke up at around 2am and quickly realized that you weren’t at my feet and Kafka (the orange tabby) wasn’t asleep on my butt.  IT WAS WEIRD.  I also realized that this was literally the only day I’ve ever been away from you in your entire life!!!

But I hear that you’re having a fantastic time with the Dales and with Mareike – she gave me an update that you’re eating like a champ and that you’re being a good boy so far – so I’m not worried about ya.  We’ll be home on Sunday in the early afternoon, and the very first thing we’ll do when we arrive is come over to get you!

I LOVE YOU BIG BOY, thanks for making me a proud mama!!!!




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2 thoughts on “Hey, Hey, Bogart”

  1. Mareike and I read your post. Thanks for the update mom. I’m sorry you have to walk around without and when you look in the back seat I am not there. You and dad are cute and all but not nearly as cute as I so you are stuck with far fewer smiles and more dour looks. Next time you plan a vacation you must take me along. I don’t want to hurt Mareike’s feelings and I do have some good times with her and my buddies but it just aint the same as hanging out with my mom. I miss you. I’ll kiss you all over when you come to get me and I’ll try not to grumble at my pals who will also want to greet you enthusiastically. Maybe I’ll ask Mareike to scoot them outside for our initial reunion (she is sometimes good at the doggie filter.)

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