That one day soon, all dogs everywhere will have yummy jerky treats fresh out of the cooker just like I do.

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned that my dad has been making me fresh jerky every day – well, the time has come for all of my dog buddies to have some too. The dehydrator is running non-stop, we bought an industrial vacuum-sealing machine, and I even see some sausage-making equipment still in boxes. This can only mean one thing. Well, to me at least.


Bogarts Jerky


I mentioned to dad that while of course I love his jerky, that we might want to get some independent thinkers to be our taste-testing-team. And who better than dogs who blog, eh? So I had mom spend her entire Sunday visiting a zillion of my buddy’s blogs (ok, maybe it was less than a zillion but from the looks of her bony fingers it was awfully close) and dropping the hint that a free sample of yummy jerky could be yours if you ask.

We’re making two kinds, and each doggie will get a little packet of each: Bogart’s Hearty Chew (which is beef heart), and Bogart’s Chicken Chips (which is chicken breast). No junk here, this is human-quality meat freshly sliced and jerk-i-fied.


Bogarts Jerky

The first batch, ready to go!


I can’t get enough of this stuff – even my kitties love it! We just break it up into tiny pieces for the felines and they go to town.


I hope someday soon to convince the humans that this should be more than just a tasty hobby and maybe become our “big idea” or they could fulfill their “special purpose” (mom is chuckling as she writes that). But for now, we just want to give some special treat-lovin’ back to the lovely group of doggies that we’ve become friends with over the last few years and of course we hope you LOVE them!

We will ship them anywhere, but as one of our good doggie friends Noah told us, some countries have issues accepting packages with meat in them. These are sealed and packed in vacuum baggies, but we can’t guarantee they’ll get past those meat-sniffing Beagles (no offense to adorable Beagles everywhere).

Bogarts Jerky


I check all packages before they go out… mmm, quality control.


So if you want a packet just drop me an email with your address. My direct email address is I answer all emails personally (with help from my opposable-thumb-equipped mama).




Chez Bogart

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7 thoughts on “I Have a Dream…”

  1. Hey Bogart,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for going to send us some goodies. Mmmmmmm, we can hardly wait. We’ll probably run the mail lady down trying to get the package from her. 😆 You’re lucky your Papa is getting all of that sausage/etc equipment. Mama wishes she had a meat grinder since they always butcher their own deer. They bone it all out & then take it to the locker for grinding. She does take the ground deer & make jerky round sticks & flat sticks in the oven. They turn out pretty good. She also just slices some of the boneless meat & dries it in the oven. Are you the official taste tester then?? You can be Inspector Bogart since I’m Inspector Butcho, hehehe. Hope you have a great week!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  2. Bogart, man, is that a hedgehog I see you have? I have one too and I love just standing around with it in my mouth going “honk, honk, honk” (drives Mom insane). Can’t wait to sample your jerky treats. Your are one lucky little dude.


  3. Oh, yes please. I love being a taste tester 😛 !!!!
    They sound too good.
    I’ll keep a lookout for Dave, our postie.

    Finni xx

  4. Bogart, what a generous offer! We will pee mail you our address. Penny is the queen taste tester and has very discriminating tastes. If she likes them, EVERY pup will! Our Mom has a dehydrator too but the treats she made didn’t turn out too well.

    Are you on a raw diet? We noticed the grinder under the envelopes. Mom has been thinking about getting one to grind our meats but isn’t sure what kind.

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  5. woofies Bogart, nice to meeteded u…dats iz so nice u lettin u fends help u wiff ur jerky…me shure it iz yummmmyies…and u not lookie likes a devil dog to me, u lookies like a sweet handsome dog…

    b safe,

  6. That’s nice of you and your parents. Is this going to become a business if the dogs who get the treats like them? Mom says she would love somewhere to buy jerky treats that she can trust isn’t putting all sort of yucky stuff in them.

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