Cat Nap

This is Kafka.  He’s my little tabby brother (he’s not really little as you can see – he’s a “husky” gentleman, very interested in gastronomy).  Since it’s been raining, he’s been searching out new spots to curl up and keep warm. I think this is a pretty cool spot – he fits kind of purrfectly!…


Mud Man

We have been having some pretty serious (ok, for Los Angeles) rain in the last day or so. Today it rained on and off all day. While this doesn’t please the parents especially, this does make for a happy dog! Running, fetching, and sliding in the mud. F-U-N with a capital FUN! Yes siree Bob,…


Devil Dog

It all started out so… innocently. All I wanted was a few of my favorite chicken-chip-jerky treats. But she just didn’t bring out a handful fast enough. So the DEVIL DOG had to come out.  Yes, you can see it in my eyes, I’m DEVIL DOG and I demand more treats!!! Love, Bogart  

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