Bogart Xmas Cards

OHMYGOSH I got my first Xmas cards tonight!!!!

Bogart Xmas Cards Bogart Xmas Cards Bogart Xmas Cards

Mom waited for me to get home (after my training day) and she had a few envelopes addressed to meeeee!  First I went into the office to make sure that she had been diligently working all day on MY cards (yup, looks good to me) then it was time to tear ’em open!

Bogart Xmas Cards Bogart Xmas Cards Bogart Xmas Cards

Today I got cards from Opy & Charlie and from Comet & BLU!  Everyone looks SOOO great in their photos!!!!  I noticed that the envelope from Opy & Charlie had a stamp with a Tazmanian Devil on it (a relative of mine, I’m sure)!

Bogart Xmas Cards Bogart Xmas Cards

I wasn’t sure at first exactly what I was supposed to DO with my cards.  My first thought – eating them – didn’t go over that well with mom. She explained that we were going to hang them up in the office to look at which seems like a decent compromise (at least I can look at my friends all the time)!

Bogart Xmas Cards Bogart Xmas Cards

I’ll have great dreams of my great doggie friends tonight… I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



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6 thoughts on “Cards, Cards, Cards!!!!”

  1. oh bogart, you got opy & charlie’s already? hmm… and i thought australia is nearer to malaysia than US? hmm…

    i got comet & BLU’s too on tuesday night.

    wet wet licks


  2. Hey Bogie,

    We love you to buddy!

    Were glad you got your card already – WOW that was fast!

    Catch you soon!


  3. Hi Bogart,
    Our first card was from Comet & BLU several days ago. We mailed all of ours out yesterday so you should see ours soon pal! We can hardly wait til we have all of them, hehehe. This is so much fun.
    Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers
    PS Thanks for the compliment on our costumes!!

  4. Hey Bogie,

    That was really quick with our cards – we only posted them on Monday. The postman must of known how important they were and made sure they were delivered quick smart 🙂


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