Today I went to the vet for my next round of shots (gosh but it seems like I need a lot of shots) and got to see my mom’s favorite vet Dr. Jimerson at the Gateway Animal Hospital. First dad walked with me in the park so I got kind of dirty and smelly… which was fun!!!

He really liked me – thought I was so cute – and told me that he hadn’t seen an Airedale in a very long time! Of course the told me this while he was petting me so I didn’t mind a bit.

I actually started snoozing while he was talking with my dad about me, and I didn’t even feel it when he gave me my shot.

Then they decided to get me a microchip – it’s an incredibly cool thing, it didn’t hurt at all when they put it in my shoulder – so now if I ever get lost the people that find me will be able to get me back to mom and dad!

And I get a great new tag to wear on my collar. Which by the way is starting to get a little small now because I’m getting sooooo tall.


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