As we recently moved, it was time to update my tag.  I was very fond of my old one, it said, “Bogart, Adventure Dog” (true) and was super spiffy.  But when you don’t live at an address, it’s not super smart to wear a tag with that address on it.  Bring on the new!


Mama bought my old tag and this yodel-ay-hoo-licious new one from  I can attest that the quality is amazing, and these tags last.  It was truly made for me!  The back is also engraved with my new address, two phone numbers, and the word “Microchipped” (as my chip has migrated and isn’t always easy to find).  So if anything happens, people will know exactly where to bring me home.  And I will look like the fine mountain boy that I am, with a little alpine nod to my dad Klaus.

I’m off for a fine hike now.  See you on the trail!



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