Airedale 60 degrees

Well holy crapamole, the best time of the year has finally arrived.  This morning when I went out for my first walkie of the day I was pleased as punch to discover that it was a whopping 60 degrees outside.  For those of you without luscious pelts like myself, you may enjoy the heat and humidity, but for me it’s a drain on my Aire-energy.  I have no desire to romp, stomp, or otherwise plunder like I normally do when it’s hot and especially when it’s humid outside.

The appeal of autumn is obvious – cooler, less humid, and of course, more sticks.  Gotta love it.



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One thought on “Sixty Degrees”

  1. OMD, Bogart, I am SOOOO with you on that one! We don’t gets the humidity like there, butts I don’t likes either! I am SO lookin’ forward to fall! Us Airedales are meant for it! BOL
    Ruby ♥

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