There is this very cool bench in Schenley Park that is painted for every holiday.  We’ve never been able to run over and pose in front of it before, because we have been boring and always take the same trail.  BUT NO MORE.  This year is going to be about lots of changes in our lives (and damn it, only good ones for a change), starting with lots and lots of new trails and walking tours around our new(est) adopted city.

So off we went, veering from our trusty Bridle Trail to the Upper Panther Trail.  It’s quite lovely, and goes in the same direction so that we can make our big loop (one of mama’s requirements) back to the Bogiemobile.  And just at the very end of the trail – BAM.  Holiday bench.  So we stopped, I busted out a few supermodel moments for the camera, and back to the Bogiemobile we went.

And yes, I did get a few treats for my trouble.  I have mama well trained.



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